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2006-10-11: The new site is online ! You can vote now !

2006-09-27: Pics from O2 Music Flash, Promi-Chat and SPUTNIK-meeting2

2006-09-21: *Haha* - I saw the new homepage at first, probably the homepage is not online yet. Maybe it was an just accident. The new voting has to wait :-))

2006-09-20: A new voting about the new official Mando-Diao-site !!!

2006-09-19: Pics from EinsLive Radiokonzert in Wuppertal.

2006-09-19: Pics from Highfield and Rock a Field (see below) 200.

2006-09-14: New pics from Peace & Love and Östersund Sweden.

2006-09-04: New pics from rock am See in Konstanz :-)

2006-08-29: Pics from Salzburgring and from Einslive Radiokonzert Wuppertal, yesterday.

2006-08-09: New pics from Open Air Gampel Part I + Part II

2006-07-28: Finally! The new Single "Long Before Rock´n Roll" comes out on the 8th of August and the new Album "Ode To Ochrasy" comes out on the 28th of August!

2006-07-14: A new voting!

2006-07-14: Pic London / Koko  and Peace and Love - Festival ---- Thank you, Bisy!!!!

2006-07-14: New pics from Hurricane Festival, Southside, St.Gallen.

2006-07-03: New tour dates in Germany!!!!!! Yeah, yeah, yeah!

2006-07-03: New pics from last weekend in St. GallenSt. Gallen 2006-07-01

2006-06-30: News: We´ve got a new member of our family ;-))) and a new Mando-Fan!

2006-06-30: Thanks to Bisy - 2 new Links from Luxembourg.

2006-06-28: Pics from Rock-A-Field in Luxembourg

2006-06-28: A few pics from Hurricane Festival in Scheeßel/Germany and Southside in Neuhausen

2006-06-14: Sorry all fans! We´ve got a new home/house and many stress. Now, we will come back for news! Thanks and Happy Birthday Mats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2006-04-27: Pics from London by Agatha! Thanks!

2006-04-27: New tour dates!

2006-04-04: Cool old pics! We´ve got this Link from Bisy! :-*

2006-04-03: The guys were in Hamburg on the 1th of April :-)

2006-04-01: Mando Diao celebrate 10. 000 members with a member lottery where you can win      Mando gift bags, just log on to the Members Only to particapate. Log In!

2006-03-27: A new voting!


2006-02-26: Pics from Metropolis Festival in july 05 (hug Bisy)

2006-02-19: Snapshots from Southside from SWR3-tv

2006-02-14: "VISIONS" - Jahrespoll 2005: 1th  places in "Band of the year", "Album of the year", "Song of the year", "Live-Act of the year" and "Hype of the yeart"! Congratulation!!!

2006-02-11: LA 2005-05-10 ;-))

2006-02-04: Pics from UK ,Hull, nov 2004 (greetings to Bisy :-D ).

2006-02-02: "Old" pics from Forestglade, US tour 2005 and New York 2003 again. Thanks for the teamwork, Bisy ;-) !

2006-02-02: Laax pics again :-)


2006-01-31: Snapshots from Christmas-Video (VISIONS) :-)

2006-01-28: Another pics from Rom 05, San Francisco 03 and St Lo 05. Big thanks to Bisy!.

2006-01-27: A new tip from Bisy *thanks*! Pictures from Rom 05 and Milan 04.

2006-01-25: Finally: pics from New York in 2005 :-))  Thanks Bisy!

2006-01-23: Another new pics from Laax.

2006-01-22: New, new, new !!! Pics from Laax, Switzerland, yesterday :-)))))))

2006-01-22: Bisy, big, big thanks for the tip!!! Pics from Zürich in April 05 and from France, Cologne in Arril 03 and nice old pics from 2002!

2006-01-15: We´ve got a hot link from myspace friends! Thanks!

2006-01-13: Links from *Bisy*: Leipzig, 2005-10-14 (G), Malmö, 2004-11-10 (Se), Milan 2005-04-15 (I) Big thanks and big greetings :-) ! 

2006-01-11: Big thanks for many pics from Berlin and Cologne! Kisses to Bianca!!!!

2006-01-04: We´ve got a hardbitten computer virus, so we couldn´t update the last two weeks........a happy new year at all :-)) 

2005-12-18: Christmas greetings to *Bisy* - Pics from Rom apr 2005

2005-12-14: Link from Ann-Katrin (Annie), thanks for the pic loan!

2005-12-08: Pics from signing session in Düsseldorf. THANKS Svenja !!!

2005-12-08: Thanks for the aid, Bisy :-* - Pics from Venlo in aug 2005

2005-12-07: New pics from Zürich and Hamburg.

2005-12-07: Pics from Mtv spain apr 2005

2005-12-06: Pictures from Leeds Festival again........

2005-12-05: Bisy send us a video-link from Paléo-Festival in jul 2005 - *kisses*!

2005-12-04: Bisy, thanks for the aid!!!! Pics from Berlin 2005-10-13!

2005-12-02: A new voting, if you want :-)

2005-12-02: Pics from Cologne by "musixs"

2005-12-02: Pics from Zürich by "tilllate" / Thanks Bisy!

2005-11-30: Pics from VISIONS Cologne http://www.flickr.com/photos/stefanrubino/sets/1464989/

2005-11-30: Thank Chris for the pics from Zürich!

2005-11-29: New pics from VISIONS Festival in Stuttgart.

2005-11-29: Thank you, Steffen, for pics from Berlin nov 25!!! Mando Diao and Madsen

2005-11-27: We were in Berlin at the VISIONS 15th Anniversary Festival. Here are the pics from Mando Diao and Madsen

2005-11-24: I have many work! But I have great aid from *Bisy* - thanks!!! Here is a hot video, that she has foundt!!! Greetings!

2005-11-23: Pics from Troubadour, (old) Hultsfred, Mastership 2005,  St. Gallen 2005, (greetings to *Bisy* more pics come soon!)

2005-11-22: Thank Alice, for the pictures - Manchester - !!!!!!!!!! This are hot pics :-)))

2005-11-22: We have got  a few pics from EinsLive-Königstreffen from "Klex"....in the summertime. Thanks!

2005-11-22: A press article, but in German language, in sz-online / Großenhain

2005-11-22: We have foundt "new" old pics ;-))).

2005-11-21: Thanks *Bisy* for the great birthday present!!! Pics from Düsseldorf / singning session oct 19!

2005-11-21: Pics Koko London 2005-10-28 by G. Nolan.

2005-11-20: A new voting, if you want.

2005-11-20: Björn´s and Gustaf´s shoes :-))

2005-11-19: Pics from UK at january (this year).

2005-11-17: Thanks *Bisy* for your aid! Pics from Stockholm 2003, another date 2002, Gislaved, 2004, Groningen 2005, Nijmegen 2005.

2005-11-16: Pics from Stuttgart.

2005-11-15: We had found pics from London oct 28.

2005-11-12: Pics from Germany and UK - Tour by Chris!

2005-11-12: Pics from Germany and UK - Tour by Chris!

2005-11-10: New Pics from London!

2005-11-10: Doornroosje/Holland, 2005-10-26, from www.fixyroses.com

2005-11-09: Thanks Nicole!!! Pics from München nov 15

2005-11-09: Pics from Einslive, Köln

2005-11-08: New Pics from Köln - Palladium from oct 19 !

2005-11-07: New Pics from Luxemburg had found Bisy, thanks and greetings!

2005-11-02: Pics from Vienna - Austria - by www.zerofunktion-foto.com

2005-11-01: New pictures from Graz - Austria

2005-10-30: New pics or things in our "despositary".

2005-10-29: Awesome pics from my friend Tina! Graz and Vienna!

2005-10-23: New pics from Leipzig and Hannover from our friend (www.hotdiscomix.de)

2005-10-20: Mando Diao pics from Hannover and Offenbach finally online!!! It was so awesome!

2005-10-20: New votings (1 + 2) - your opinion is us very important!

2005-10-20: Pictures from www.einslive.de to Cologne

2005-10-15: Pics from the Mando-Diao-gig yesterday in Leipzig

2005-10-13: Pics from Sugarplum Fairy concert yesterday in Berlin

2005-10-11: We have got new nice pictures from US-tour. Big thanks to Emilia!!!

2005-10-09: We made a mistake in our page. Pics are not from Haldern 2004, but from Haldern 2005! Thanks *Bisy*. But we have new pictures from Haldern Pop 2005 at this page-site!

2005-10-08: *gg* - That have we found today *smile* - look here

2005-10-04: today is relase in Germany the second cd "Hurrican Bar" - edition

2005-09-30: today is release in Germany for the "Bring ´em In" - edition // the cd 2 is a hot disc!!!!!!!!!! Congratulation , guys!!!!!!!!!!

2005-09-26: Oh finally! I´m just reading on the off. Mando-Diao-Page: "Newly discovered pictures from the "bottom of the hill" in San Francisco in April 2005. " Look!

2005-09-23: new pictures from gigs a few month ago

2005-09-21: still more pictures by Maria Kieninger from Sziget 2005

2005-09-21: a new tour-date in switzerland

2005-09-18: on my site

2005-09-18: more votings, if you want - VERY IMPORTANT: the votings are not our attitude about the band!!!

2005-09-17: Mando Diao Rock am Ring, Down in the past live!!! ->

2005-09-13: we were on the Madsen-concert! we cheated on Mando Diao :-/       ;-)

2005-09-12: oh yeah!!!! That´s is it!!!!!!!!! yeah, yeah, yeah!!! see if you want <----

2005-09-11: an ad from Mando Diao in "Visions"

2005-09-11: new pics from Forestglade and Sziget 2005 by Maria Kieninger - thanks!


2005-09-09: new pictures from Taubertal and a new video

2005-09-09: new voting

2005-09-09: pics from Metropolis

2005-09-08: at 2005-10-04 comes out a "new" album: Hurrican Bar / 2 Compact Disc (Limited Edition)

2005-09-08: at 2005-09-30 comes out a "new" album: Bring ´em In / 2 Compact Disc (Limited Edition) !

2005-09-07: new tour dates in Germany!!!

2005-09-07: more voting if you want :-)

2005-09-06: new pics from Leeds by MaraJade! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!

2005-09-05: new snapshots from mtv.video and new link from mtv.com

2005-09-05: today comes out the new single "you can´t steel my love" !!!

2005-09-04: voting your opinion

2005-09-03: pics and votings albums and concerts

2005-09-01: more pics

2005-08-30: new pics from sziget festival - Hungary

2005-08-30: now, we have a voting on this site :-) - (mentioned below)

2005-08-25: new appointments, *yeah* !!!!

2005-08-24: little change of positions our sites

2005-08-23: a new GREAT PIC from mando-diao.com site :-))

2005-08-23: pics from sziget festival 2005 (passing on)

2005-08-21: two new pictures

2005-08-19: pics from Taubertal 2005 by Chris!

2005-08-18: a new site our page: LOOK!

2005-08-16: new tourdates in the USA! -->

2005-08-15: we have made a News Archive

2005-08-15: a new link from mandodiao-picture

2005-08-15: Happy birthday CJ!!! Let´s celebrate!!! ;)

2005-08-14: Björn has got new haircut!Well, let´s see how it looks: LOOK!

2005-08-12: new pics - what otherwise ;)  ( Pics and Appointments)

2005-08-11: official pics from Haldern Pop Festival 2005 CLICK HERE

2005-08-10: now we´ve got finally a chat and a forum *cheer* *cheer* *cheer* -->Chat - Forum

2005-08-09: new pics from Haldern Pop Festival on Mando-Diao.com

2005-08-09: a new site is online

2005-08-09: we´ve got a new banner ---> you can find this banner under "links"

2005-08-08: thank your for our link on your site: mando-girl.com from japan and mandoconnection.com

2005-08-07: a nice pic from Gustaf and Samuel from H P F 2005

2005-08-07: Mando Diao, the winner from Halder Pop Festival 2005 (Einslive.de)

2005-08-07: LINK from Spain Official Street Team

2005-08-05: mtv.trl germany at friday place 6 - Yeah! - go on!!!

2005-08-05: new link from official Sugarplum Fairy site (at wish  from special person;-) )

2005-08-03: new link from Mando Diao fan from Japan

2005-08-03: concert from Mando Diao in Leipzig has been confounded from Werk 2 to Haus Auensee!!

2005-08-03: Vote more!!!!! Mando Diao today on mtv.trl germany on place 8!

2005-08-03: pics from holiday under "individual pics"

2005-08-03: a new cognition: CJ has to sing more!!!!! sing for us!!!!!!!! ;)

2005-08-02: place 9 by mtv.de/trl  (germany) *cry* !!!! Vote here!

2005-08-01: new pics of the official  mando-diao.com site, under "member links"

2005-07-31: new link from another fanpage

2005-07-31: only place 5 on trl germany weekendcharts!!!VOTE!VOTE!VOTE!

2005-07-31: two new sites on this page

2005-07-30: return from holiday... - Well, when don´t do everything by myself: Mando Diao on fr iday on place 6!!!! Blameful!!!!!! - Is nobody voting here????


2005-07-16: snapshots from mtv and pro7

2005-07-15: YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! Our link of the official mando-diao-site! Thanks!!!!

2005-07-14: musikexpress,  article and pics

2005-07-12: new pictures from Eins Live Koenigstreffen

2005-07-11: new link  from another fanpage

2005-07-10: new Pic of Gustaf - Site Jacqueline

2005-06-20: pics from the campus invastion regensburg from 2005-06-18

2005-06 : new site-content is online